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How does coaching work?

Coaching is designed to develop your ability to live effectively, on purpose, and up to your full potential. The actual process may vary, according to your needs and goals – but it usually takes place via Zoom. We begin with a 45 minute free intro session to find out if we’re a good fit, followed by a fortnightly schedule of 1 hour sessions.

What’s the difference between coaching and therapy?

Coaching and therapy both deal with mental health, and our work can overlap – but coaching is an action-oriented, solution-focused approach to overcoming a challenge, or creating change and growth in your life. Therapists tend to work with more severe issues, and may also diagnose and prescribe treatment. If during our sessions, it becomes apparent that you’d be better suited for therapy, I can refer you to someone suitable.

It’s possible to work with both a coach and a therapist. If you're unsure what you need, our intro session will help me better understand your challenges, so that I can guide you in the right direction. 

 A great way to summarise the difference is to describe therapy as all about recovery, while coaching is more focused on discovery.

What if I’m also seeing a therapist or counsellor?

Coaching is not a substitute for counselling, mental health care or substance abuse treatment. However, seeing a life coach and receiving counselling at the same time can often be beneficial. Please check with your counseller or therapist first.

Where does the coaching take place?

Coaching takes place online via Zoom. I’m based in the UK, but you can be based anywhere in the world with an overlapping timezone. You need to be sitting somewhere quiet and private, where you can think and speak without being overheard.

Who sets the agenda?

You decide what we talk about, when and for how long. Calls are usually one hour long. Most clients choose fortnightly sessions, but weekly is also an option. Sessions are booked to suit your availability, but ideally we’d stick to the same day and time.
My normal working hours are Mon to Fri from 9am to 6pm (GMT), with the possibility of weekends on request.

What does it cost?

I offer competitive rates, which we’ll go over during our intro session.

How long does it take to see results?

In the same way as a fitness coach doesn't lift those weights for you, I can’t do the heavy lifting for you. Instead, it’s my job to give you the tools and resources to help you achieve your goals. The rest is up to you!

If you're committed to taking responsibility for your results, and you're willing to learn and grow, you’ll notice some shifts happening early on. From there, anything is possible!

How do I get started?

Contact me to arrange a free intro session to see if coaching is for you. 

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