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Mindset coaching

I’ve been a writer all my working life, and I’m fascinated by how the words we use help to create our own version of reality – and consequently, how our entire worlds can change when we begin to clarify and then change the way we think and talk about things.


Our beliefs about ourselves, our situation and the world – and the stories we tell ourselves about them – can either limit us or empower us. When they limit us, it’s because we can easily slip into viewing life through an ‘emotional lens’ that distorts our reality – often without us even realising.

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When that happens, we can feel stuck, frustrated and dissatisfied. But once we see through those distortions, we can move beyond them and see things as they really are, giving us a healthier perspective on the things we struggle with.


Put simply, mindset coaching helps us see through our mental clutter and emotional turmoil, and keeps us motivated and accountable as we move forward towards our desired future.


A coaching space creates the curiosity, empathy and focus needed to have the kinds of conversations that create new stories for ourselves, and lead to real change.


I’m here to help you explore your stories, make sense of them, better process them and discover new ways to think, feel and act.

Whether you’re looking to work on a specific area, or your life as a whole, I can help you: 


  • Create more balance in your life

  • Put an end to feeling ‘stuck’

  • Break old habits, and create healthier new ones

  • Feel more motivated

  • Discover your purpose

  • Silence a negative inner voice

  • Build more confidence

  • Face your fears and embrace vulnerability

  • Create more self-compassion

  • Tackle big life changes, such as a break-up or new job


I specialise in helping people overcome issues around self worth, self sabotage, overwhelm, burnout, procrastination, stress, and big life changes.


Below are just a few of the specific challenges people often come to me wanting coaching for – though they're outlined merely as a guide.


Conversations could cover anything and everything you want to bring to the table – and we could very easily start off talking about one thing, only to uncover something else you might want to dive into and explore further. 

Apartment Building


If you feel like you could use some help building up your self belief, and your resilience in the face of life’s challenges, this is the program for you.


Our 'self-talk' can be a critical factor in making life easier or more difficult – so we’ll explore the deepest fears and limiting beliefs that could be holding you back, helping you to understand where they come from, and exploring how to move beyond them.


Sometimes we want to quit something and leave it behind for good. Sometimes we want to start a new habit or behaviour, but our good intentions fade, motivation plummets and we seem to be back to square one. 


Making changes, and finding more balance is something many of us struggle with…  especially when we believe it requires a lot of willpower or motivation. Newsflash – it doesn’t! 

Whether it’s stopping smoking, drinking less, eating more healthily, exercising more, or changing habitual negative or repetitive thinking, this module will help you to find more balance in your life, get potential new habits to stick, and ditch or limit the old ones you no longer want.

Light Bulb
Sitting on Cliff


Your life, and your achievements may already appear brilliant to most people in your world.


And yet… do you have a sense, deep down, that so much more is possible?


That there’s still something more you want to do with your life?


That you’re immensely proud of what you’ve done, but somehow, it still feels like there’s something missing?

If so, this is the module for you.

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