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LGBTQI+ coaching

with Matt


Transformative coaching for the LGBTQI+ community

As a gay man myself, I have a particular interest in working with the LGBTQI+ community. And because coaching often explores some quite personal and sensitive topics, it can often feel more comfortable for gay, bi or trans (G-B-T) men to work with a coach with a similar life experience and background.


We tend to face a unique set of challenges, including higher-than-usual rates of loneliness, anxiety, depression and addiction, and a range of other health-related issues – all of which can have an impact on our mental, physical and emotional wellbeing.


Throw in other commonly experienced issues around confidence, self esteem, resilience, partying & hedonism, dating, relationships and growing older, and it’s no wonder that for so many of us, life can take an unbalanced or an unhealthy turn.


Perhaps you’re struggling somehow, experiencing low self-esteem, or feeling isolated, lost or ‘stuck’.


Perhaps you're doing pretty well in many areas, but you want to take certain aspects of your life to the next level.


Whatever you'd like to work on, coaching can help you discover a new sense of strength, balance, clarity and purpose, and teach you the skills to lead a happier, healthier life.

Do you sometimes feel overlooked, invisible, like something is ‘missing’, or like you’re just drifting through life?


Do you often forget to slow down to see what’s really important? 


Do you feel good when you’re successful, and devastated when you’re not?


Do you struggle to feel connected - either to yourself, people around you, or the world? 


Are you scared or maybe a little intimidated to go after what you really want – if you're even clear what that is?

As gay, bi or trans men, it’s easy to get caught up focusing on the physical – how we look in the mirror, and the image we project out to others. Nothing wrong with that, of course! We live in a world where body, appearance, and physical health and vitality count for a lot.


But it’s just as (and some would argue even more) important to work on what’s happening on the inside – in each of our minds and hearts. How we think and feel about ourselves, our lives, and the world around us. How the past has shaped us... who we’re being right now... the clarity of our plans for the future... and how big (or small) we’re playing with our lives. 


Get that sorted, and something magical happens. We become a magnet for the people, places and experiences that mirror our new best selves. We experience more joy and contentment with who we are, more pride and confidence in our abilities, and a new sense of purpose and direction in our lives.


I’m here as your coach, to lead and guide you as together we: 

- untangle your thoughts, feelings, habits and beliefs

- work out what might be holding you back

- decide what you want your life to be

… and then help you to get it. 


Introducing 2, 4 or 6 month coaching programs, tailor-made for the challenges you may be facing, and the areas where as GBT men, we tend to feel most stuck. 


We’ll talk every fortnight for the duration of your chosen program, and in the meantime, you’ll get regular new insights, info and encouragement on the topic(s) you want help with. 


  • Work through easy-to-digest tips, tricks and info, at a pace that suits you. 

  • No bombarding you with loads of irrelevant, long-winded information. Instead, articles, videos, audio, reminders and resources are drip-fed in bite-size, easy-to-digest chunks.

  • Every resource is succinct, to-the-point, thought-provoking and quick to read/watch/listen to – taking up no more than 5-10 mins of your day.

  • You’ll also get to access and play with a range of intriguing tools, techniques and fun exercises designed to spark insights, ‘a-ha’ moments and growth.

  • Meet for 1-on-1 coaching with me (via Zoom) every fortnight, to explore topics further.


If you’re ready to get started and learn more, reach out to book a FREE intro session. I’ll be in touch to arrange our first 1-hour Zoom call so we can get started.


Remember: nothing changes until you do...


Below are some of the challenges gay men often come to me wanting coaching around – but they're outlined just as a guide. Conversations could cover anything and everything you want to bring to the table – and we could very easily start off talking about one thing, only to uncover something else you might want to dive into and explore further. 


It’s a jungle out there… and with the apps becoming the main means of chatting, connecting and meeting, the dating landscape has changed beyond recognition in recent years. 


And yet… never before have so many of us been so dissatisfied with our dating lives. The apps, often touted as a way to bring us together, have actually in many ways done the opposite. 


Like it or not, they’re here to stay. But if you’re feeling frustrated, bored, lonely or isolated by our current dating & relationships culture, this coaching course is for you.

Mobile Phone
Apartment Building


If you feel like you could use some help building up your self belief, and your resilience in the face of life’s challenges, this is the program for you.


Our 'self-talk' can be a critical factor in making life easier or more difficult – so we’ll explore the deepest fears and limiting beliefs that could be holding you back, helping you to understand where they come from, and exploring how to move beyond them.


Sometimes we want to quit something and leave it behind for good. Sometimes we want to start a new habit or behaviour, but our good intentions fade, motivation plummets and we seem to be back to square one. 


Making changes, and finding more balance is something many of us struggle with…  especially when we believe it requires a lot of willpower or motivation. Newsflash – it doesn’t! 

Whether it’s stopping smoking, drinking less, eating more healthily, exercising more, or changing habitual negative or repetitive thinking, this module will help you to find more balance in your life, get potential new habits to stick, and ditch or limit the old ones you no longer want.

Light Bulb
Sitting on Cliff


Your life, and your achievements may already appear brilliant to most people in your world.


And yet… do you have a sense, deep down, that so much more is possible?


That there’s still something more you want to do with your life?


That you’re immensely proud of what you’ve done, but somehow, it still feels like there’s something missing?

If so, this is the module for you.

Matt is a wonderful coach. Engaging and always fully engaged, I found sessions to be relaxed, yet very meaningful. Matt's deep perception really helped me to unpick my thoughts and extract what was going on underneath. I always felt safe, supported and in good hands, and would strongly recommend Matt as a coach.

Alex, Norfolk

Coaching with Matt has been really rewarding. I've learned how to communicate more clearly with my team, and to reflect with greater insights on my leadership skills. Matt is a great listener, asks some fascinating questions, and also gave me some really helpful tips to improve my performance at work.

Olivia, London

I've been working with Matt for 8 weeks. In that short space of time I've seen my confidence improve, and I've been able to see things more clearly from a different angle. Matt asks questions to challenge my thinking, and there's a lovely flow to our sessions. I'm glad I was recommended to Matt, and look forward to continue working with him.

Dave, Hertfordshire

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