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Areas I work in

While I have a particular interest working in the 3 areas described below, I’m happy to work with anyone, on any aspect of your life. What’s most important is that we're a good fit for each other – which we can find out during a free intro session.


Whether you’re looking to work on a specific area, or your life as a whole, I can support you to: 


  • Create more balance in your life

  • Put an end to feeling ‘stuck’

  • Break old habits, and create healthier new ones

  • Feel more motivated

  • Discover your purpose

  • Silence a negative inner voice

  • Build more confidence

  • Face your fears and embrace vulnerability

  • Create more self-compassion

  • Tackle big life changes, such as a break-up or new job

Mindset coaching

Put simply, mindset coaching helps us see through our mental clutter and emotional turmoil, and keeps us motivated and accountable as we move forward towards our desired future.


Workplace coaching

People flourish in a collaborative working environment, where they’re encouraged to develop their own strengths, and support others to do the same. Workplace coaching gives your people the tools, ideas and thinking space to shine.

The LGBTQI+ community tend to face a unique set of challenges, including higher-than-usual rates of loneliness, anxiety, depression and addiction, and a range of other health-related issues – all of which have an impact on our mental, physical and emotional wellbeing.

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