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Workplace coaching

I offer 1-to-1 workplace/executive coaching for leaders and their teams, with a particular focus on organisations working in the sustainability, climate, wildlife, environment, renewables, health & wellness, and social conscience spaces. 


I focus on working with people in these industries because I share their values, and I’m passionate about supporting their missions.


With a background working for companies like OVO Energy, The Green Building Council of Australia, IDP Foundation, Red Cross, Oxfam and many more, I understand the challenges faced by these types of organisations. 


I see my role as empowering change-makers to reach their maximum potential and achieve great things – and I’m here as an extra resource to help individuals develop powerful leadership skills, create greater impact, grow their confidence, enhance their communication, boost their productivity and strengthen their mindset.


Some of the most important gifts that coaches can bring to people in these industries are non-judgemental attention, presence and deep listening – and often, this opportunity for self-reflection and ‘inner work’ can create profound changes for both organisations and their people.


Delivering coaching that’s both impactful and empowering, let me help you and your organisation to make the shifts in thinking, behaviour and action that can help change the world for the better.

Want to find out more about how executive coaching could work within your organisation?

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Boost engagement

Coaching is an excellent way to engage with your people, creating more opportunities for positive communication and feedback. Why’s that so important? Because organisations with engaged employees thrive far more than with unengaged ones.

Retain staff

One of the best ways for a business to retain talent and maintain productivity is to focus on job satisfaction, engagement, and loyalty – all key parts of a workplace coaching journey.

Develop new insights

Coaching and mentoring can help your employees develop new ways of thinking, and deepen their ability to problem-solve.

Improve performance

Coaching can help your people identify what’s holding them back, and give them tools and techniques to gain new perspectives, think outside the box, and perform at new levels.

Boost management skills

Coaching hones skills in areas like communication, feedback and managing others – and that puts managers in a better position to fully support and develop their teams.

Create happier outlooks

Coaching encourages communication, reflection, and self-correction. This helps your people to become more autonomous, take ownership, develop confidence, and give them belief in themselves – all of which makes for happier, more fulfilled employees.

Matt is a wonderful coach. Engaging and always fully engaged, I found sessions to be relaxed, yet very meaningful. Matt's deep perception really helped me to unpick my thoughts and extract what was going on underneath. I always felt safe, supported and in good hands, and would strongly recommend Matt as a coach.

Alex, Norfolk

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