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My coaching journey

Coaching appeared in my life at a time when I felt stuck, directionless and more than a little lacking in motivation. I found it an incredibly useful process to sort through my thoughts, feelings, behaviours and beliefs – so much so, that I felt compelled to become a coach myself and help others, as I’d myself been helped.


I’ve been a writer for my whole working life, often working in industries that required my writing to make sense of difficult or complex topics. That skill has lent itself perfectly to coaching – which is often about helping people to pick through and better understand their own complexities. 


Part of my writing career also often involved interviewing people – which meant putting them at ease, listening well, asking the right questions, and ‘seeing underneath’ what was being said, to get the best from our conversations. 


How coaching sessions with me might look

Alongside writing, I was a massage therapist for 20 years, developing a particular interest in the mind-body connection. Given that, I sometimes incorporate practices designed to help clients to be less in their heads and more in their bodies.


Think mindfulness, meditation and breathwork techniques, supplements and nutritional support for brain and body health, and even a few fun, thought-provoking practical exercises to try between sessions.


My coaching 'style'

All of that makes for sessions full of curiosity, empathy, warmth and good humour. My coaching style tends to be supportive and empowering rather than directive. I see myself as your bonus set of eyes and ears, helping you to break down your actions, see things from a different perspective, and consider new possibilities.


Where I trained

I’m an ICF-accredited Transformative Coach, having graduated from Animas Centre for Coaching, one of the UK’s leading coaching colleges. Their coaching Diploma brings a unique psychological approach to developing coaches who can work at depth with clients.


They’re also one of very few to be accredited by the 3 leading professional coaching associations – the ICF, the Association for Coaching, and EMCC.

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How coaching with Matt works

We’ll meet over Zoom, usually every fortnight, and you can choose from either 4, 8 or 12 sessions, which run over 2, 4 or 6 months.

While I’m based in the UK, I can (and often do) work with anyone in an overlapping time zone – whether across Europe, the US or beyond. 


Before we begin, we’ll work together to get really clear on what you want to achieve from coaching. Each time we meet, you’ll bring a topic you want coaching on, and we’ll explore it during the session. 

Meet Matt

Transformative Coach & Mentor

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