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Next Level Success

Your life, and your achievements may already appear brilliant to most people in your world.


And yet… do you have a sense, deep down, that so much more is possible? That there’s still something more you want to do with your life? That you’re immensely proud of what you’ve done, but somehow, it still feels like there’s something missing.


Success comes with a cost. If you’re already having an impact in what you do, the challenge is that you’re already playing at a level where it’s harder to see what else is possible.


Which of these qualities of high-achievers could be holding you back the most?

1. You’re a visionary.

But because you dream so big, you can get overwhelmed. When there are so many potential options, the paradox of choice can mean it can be hard to begin a new project.

I can help you carve out a vision that’s so powerful, nothing will stop you.


2. You have competing commitments.

The more successful you become, the more other commitments outside of your work goals can begin to surface. You might even be unknowingly committed to them, and not fully realise how they get in the way. 


I’ll help you to discover your deepest competing commitments, and show you how to balance them. 


3. You’ve become a little too comfortable.

Sometimes, when you’re creating so much more than the average person (but perhaps not quite realising your own full potential), there’s a temptation to stay where you are and underperform – without even realising you’re doing it.

I’ll help you find – and stay in – the ‘sweet spot’... that place that feels edgy, exciting and helps you step outside your comfort zone.


4. You’re a talented problem-solver.

You’re likely energised by challenges and threats – but that can mean you tend to avoid things until they reach problem-level status. Plus, when you're really good at problem-solving, you can often unconsciously create new problems, just to solve them!

We’ll explore how to create from a place of abundance, so you’ll no longer need to just create and solve challenges in order to be successful.


5. You seek perfection.

The more success you have, and the more money you make, the greater the pressure to maintain that same level of success. What’s the consequence of that? The barrier to starting something new becomes unbearably high, thanks to the risk-reward problem created by the success of your previous projects.

I’ll help you practice putting action over perfection, so you don’t let fear,  stand in your way.


6. You don’t need help.

You’re one of the highest achieving people you know, and you don’t need support – but if you think like this, you’re missing out on the possibility of an outside perspective, and a chance to see your blind spots.

I’ll show you that even though you might feel you don’t need support, you can seek it out anyway, and have the openness and curiosity to see where it might lead you.

7. You miss out on the truth.

The higher you rise, the harder it can be to open up to the people around you – and the harder it can be for those around you to speak their truth. Top performers often have few people in their world willing to say exactly what they need to hear the most.

I commit to hiding nothing, and hold nothing back during our time together… and I’ll ask you to do the same.

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